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Because you shouldn't live to exercise, but exercise to live!

Who We Are

We are a personal training studio where, through the efficiency of the Super Slow system, you only need to work out 20 minutes once a week to become lean and strong. By far the most innovative part of The In and Out Workout is not only the exclusive rapport with your trainer, the clean state of the art medical equipment (MedX, Nautilus, and Super Slow), the relaxed atmosphere full of plants and paintings devoid of the typical gym environment that overlooks a lake, but mostly the maximum results this workout affords. This workout is featured in the book by Dr. Doug Mc.Guff Body by Science.

Who We Are: Welcome

The Studio

The studio is located in a cozy super clean townhouse devoid of the gym atmosphere.  You enter the studio and you will have a one-on-one uninterrupted workout which will consist of inner thigh, leg extension, leg curl, leg press, lumbar, and upper body work-all using MedX and Super Slow state of the art equipment- plus some Pilates. Everything without the noise of a busy gym or the hassle of having to wait to use any equipment nor the uneasiness of touching a sweaty unclean surface. With today's contact diseases, rest assured the equipment is cleaned after every client to ensure your best experience. With soft background music and overlooking a lake, your 20 minute exercise time will be uninterrupted.  The next client enters the studio every 30 minutes. Mayra will dismiss you at the door and signal the next client so the utmost social distancing is sustained.

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Your Trainer and Coach

The owner and sole trainer, Mayra Ron has over 30 years of experience in the exercise industry. She is a Super Slow certified Instructor since 1999 trained by Ken Hutchins (creator of SuperSlow) and the same workout as the book Body By Science advocates..  Previously she owned the first Nautilus gym in South America which she operated for over 10 year.  She has not only treated people with osteoporosis, backaches, and other ailments, but also is an expert in helping you improve your health through a strong body.  To add to her credentials Mayra teaches Pilates and balance exercises as well.  She is also a certified wellness coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ACSTH certificate # 756266).

The 20 Minute Workout Description

The IN and OUT Personal Trainer, Mayra Ron, explains how 20 Minutes/Once a Week can get you strong and lean.

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