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Women and Muscle

Bulky Muscles for Women-Impossible!
Read this article to understand  why women need muscle more than men and how it will not only add years to their life but also make them stronger and toned.

Body Fat

Did you know you can never loose fat, but you can shrink it by adding muscle?  Fat occupies more space while muscle is lean and thin.  Read and be informed.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise not only benefits your body bu  is a necessity to live a long and vital life.  But not everything is exercise.  To be defined as exercise, you must engage your body in an activity that provides resistance so that its muscles may be activated.  Find out more.

Length of a Workout

In exercise more is NOT better- more intense and shorter in duration is the optimum.  You will get stronger in the rest.  That is the reason many women look flabby despite "exercising" a lot. Read this article and learn.

Strength and Arthur Jones

Want to find out where SuperSlow got its origin?  It all began with Arthur Jones and his nautilus Equipment which revolutionized the exercise industry.  Before that it was all free weights; he upscaled and perfected muscle making history.  Read!

Low Back Strength

The IN and OUT Workout has state of the art equipment- Nautilus, SuperSlow, Med X.  Read how our Lumbar machine was invented by Arthur Jones and is proven to strengthen the lumbar and eliminate back pain.

Taking It All Of

Find out how High Intensity resistance training promotes fat loss without muscle depletion. Can dramatic fat loss results be obtained through steady-state activity alone? 

The Benefits of SuperSlow

Want to know the benefits of SuperSlow?
Read this informative article.

What is SuperSlow?

A simple recap of what is SuperSlow.

Definition of Exercise

What is the real definition of exercise?  You may be surprised to realize the things you call exercise are really a sport or a skill.  For something to constitute exercise it must change your overall muscles.  Find out more here.

So, Your Ambition is to Become a Circus Lady?

Here is a really interesting article on habits women acquire thinking it will help them loose weight when in reality these habits are making them fatter.

Exercise Versus Recreation

There is a big difference between exercise and recreation.  Read on!

Muscle Matters

Muscle is essential to life and not everything you call "exercise" will help you gain this invaluable asset to protect you in the years to come. Muscle is extremely important -especially for women who have three times more fat than men.

Spot reduction

Did you know spot reduction doesn't exist?  The truth is the fist place you gain is the last place you loose.  To loose fat in a specific target area you must exercise your the biggest muscles of your body first and then eventually you will loose wherever you accumulate your fat genetically.

Low Back Strength

Low back pain occurs often from dislocated disks but it is also the result  of a weak back. The lumbar can be strengthened with the Med X Lumbar Machine and pain can be eliminated.  At The IN and OUT Workout we incorporate the lumbar MedX to eliminate back pain once and for all!

Benefits of Coaching

A Coach can help you realize those stagnant dreams you believe are impossible and she is your best ally.  Through simple motivation and listening skills, a coach helps you find the solutions you need to live your life at the fullest level!

Do Your Beliefs Reflect your Reality

Do your beliefs really reflect your reality?  Did you know there are beliefs that are ingrained from childhood that prevent you from achieving your goals?

Changing Beliefs

Do you feel stuck?  Do you think it is impossible for you to reach the life you dream?  Do you believe this is because of your circumstances?  Perhaps certain beliefs about yourself are sabotaging your success.

Is Coaching for You?

Our normal has changed but do you feel stuck?  Do you feel lost or overwhelmed? Coaching can help you focus once more on what is important to you or even help you redefine yourself. Read more.

Introductory Coaching Session Questions

This is a form I may as you to fill out.

Intake form: Client Questionnaire

This is another form I will ask you to fill out for our initial session.

Life Mapping

A tool to help you organize your life.

Mayra Ron Coach Certificate


Mayra Ron Coach Certificate

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Circle of Personal Perspective


Intro to The IN and OUT Workout

This is our mission and explains  how our coaching can help you get through today'snew normal.

The IN and OUT Workout Assessment Kit


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Assessment score key

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