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Women Over50 SuperSlow Prices

  • 24 Sessions

    $60 a session
    Valid for 3 months
    • $480 a month
    • 30 minutes/Twice a week
    • Private One on One Sessions
    • Equipment cleaned in front of client before every session
    • 1 free coaching session ($95 value)
    • Client pays 24 sessions upfront
  • 36 Sessions

    $55 a session
    Valid for 5 months
    • $440 a month
    • 30 minutes/Twice a week
    • Private One on One sessions
    • Equipment cleaned in front of client before each session
    • 2 free 30 minute coaching sessions ($200 value)
    • Client pays 36 sessions upfront
  • 50 Sessions

    $50 a Session
    Valid for one year
    • $400 a month
    • 30 minutes/Twice a week
    • Private One on One Sessions
    • Equipmet cleaned in frotn of client before every session
    • 3 free 30 minute coaching sessions
    • Client pays 50 sessions upfront

Virtual Classes

SuperSlow at Home

Virtual classes are also one-on-one.  I previously tried to make them semi private but as a trainer it is very difficult to evaluate correct form when I have too many people in the class. Virtual classes are also 30 minute in duration.  Because you will be executing similar SuperSlow exercises with your body weight and at one part using weights, 30 minutes/twice a week is all you need.  Remember it's not the QUANTITY (duration) of the exercise but the QUALITY that will make you stronger.  Want to try a free 15 minute session? Click on the free sample session to call me and schedule through Skype.

Please note Women Over50 virtual classes are based on Super  Slow principles and are NOT aerobic.  The principle behind everything is to increase muscle mass so that your fat deposits shrink- SPOT reducing is a fallacy.  You must work your WHOLE in a slow manner with no momentum and you will loose body fat wherever you store it -genetically (everyone is different) but correct exercise is universal.   Creating muscle is the ONLY way to shrink fat.

Please read the articles under the SuperSlow section and here as well.


Same prices as the SuperSlow face-to-face exercises above.  Please check.

Classes are by Skype.


1 Session face to face/ 1 session 

This is the Covid19 option for many; come to the studio for a face to face workout with our state of the Art equipment and for the second workout stay at home and you will do your second session online. Let's  discuss this option after I see you and based on your fitness level.

Try us free! Call Us!



Aside from changing your body, changing your mindset is the most rewarding decision a womanOver50 can offer herself and her family.  You have spent years working and taking care of others; at this point of your life, taking care of yourself will mean you can, in your later years, continue to care for your loved ones.  Coaching is looking at long lost dreams and bringing  them to life. Through each coaching session you will equip and empower yourself to move your life in the direction you never dared.  I simply listen and ask you questions, but it is you  who will find your solutions.  That's why coaching is so powerful; you develop your answers and ultimately you learn to create the road you never thought you could travel but always wished you would.

Together we will work on your goals and come up with a feasible plan for you to recover your health and fitness to your desired level.  On the way, we will look at concepts like self- confidence, dreaming big, letting go of the past, and other habits and mindsets that hold you back. i will also give you affirmations to listen to. It will be a life changing experience!

Remember coaching is not therapy; we do not deal with the past,  Coaching focuses on the present- to get you to the future you envision and desire!

Want to sample a 20 minute coaching session?

call me or email me!

$95 a session

$380 a month

3 months/once a week

payment is for 12 sessions= $1140

1 free SuperSlow workout

This package is for someone who has many short term goals.

Read the article here on the benefits of coaching.

$90 a session

$360 a month

6 months/once a week

payment is for 24 sessions- $2160

2 free 30 minute SuperSlow Workouts

This package for women who have long term goals they really want accomplished and who know changes take time.  They are willing to put the effort no matter how long it takes.
Read the article-do your beliefs reflect reality?

$85 a Session

$340 a month

12 months/once a week

payment is for 50 session- $4250

3 free 30 minutes SuperSlow workouts

This package is for smeone who is serious about changing their lives.  This woman is ready to make the committments in health and fitness she has never been able to fulfill.  She know it's a slow process but with someone encouraging her, she will reach her goals!

Read the article on how to change your beliefs.

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