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Fit and Beautiful at 50


By Mayra Ron, owner The IN and OUT Workout 954-682-3264

I have lived my life trying to inspire women to not give in to society's expectations; it is not true we decay and our bodies become fat and frail- we can do something about it! We are not destined to be fat- we choose at any age to go against muscle atrophy. I chose early to not let nature determine my future, but even if you- who are now 50-decide to change your body composition all of a sudden, I am here to tell you can be done!!!

As women we don't have to succumb to a bleak future with a walker, knees that fail us, and a struggle to even bend. NO!!! Muscles - at any age- can be built. They have memory and it's not true that if you did not plant seeds of weight training in your youth you are doomed (as (CPO in Star je je always says). No, ladies there is hope and I can testify to that. I have trained multiple women clients throughout the years who have changed that "negative" blueprint that had been ingrained in their brains to a "positive" message; this is the only body I have for the rest of my life and I WILL keep it strong and full of muscle. Muscle is life!! It is alive- fat is dead. Concentrate your efforts on creating what you lost- muscle -and fat will just shrink away when you least expect it!

I have attached the creed of The IN and OUT studio. Read it and enjoy the life you were given. It takes only 30 minutes once a week to resurrect that neglected muscle from oblivion. The rest of the week you can follow the creed and take dance classes or do whatever you like but - don't worry-let the resting period develop that lean muscle for your next workout session and live!!!!

OK. That’s all for today my readers. See you next time, same place, same time and we

will continue our voyage into the world of exercise. Please send your questions to: and leave me comments so I can answer.


Train hard/be blessed!


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